The Delft Blue Factory is effective immediately closed for visitors until further notice. For questions regarding workshops, tours and masterclasses you can contact Heinen Delfts Blauw in Putten.  



Shop and personal guided tours

Free parking in front of our factory

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Visit the Delft blue Factory


We would like to welcome you to our pottery factory. The company which stands for personal attention, knowledge, service and a wide range of products

In the seventeenth century, 32 factories produced Delft earthenware in Delft. The delft blue factory is one of the few factories that continues this tradition of completely hand-painted Delft pottery. Come and see with your own eyes how Delftware is made.

Take a tour

We take you into the world of Delftware. A personal guide explains how the pottery is shaped, how the paintings are applied by hand and the secret of the famous blue color.


Our painting workshops take place in an attractive room under the guidance of an experienced painter. Get acquainted with the technique and paint a nice tile while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea with a typical Dutch biscuit.

Meet the painters

Watch up close our painters at work. They still paint in the same way as they did in the 17th century. And not unimportantly: still with the same passion as before!

Discover our shop

Of course you’d like to take a souvenir home after your visit. Fortunately our tour ends in our attractive shop with where you can by our hand-painted Delft and souvenirs. Take a picture with the artist who painted the piece you selected.